Woman’s Affair Exposed After Guy Overhears And Posts Online

by BuyerDeannW
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One lady’s alleged affair was made public after a man overheard the conversation, posted it on Facebook and over 5,000 people shared it.

Stevie Wilcock, from Blackpool, was working on a building site close to a Shell petrol station in Chester when he overheard a woman telling a man she had lied to her partner about being at a meeting all day, before discussing hotels.

Wilcock explained that he felt bad for ‘David’ and so like many of us do in lots of situations these days, he turned to social media.

The brutally honest post has been liked by 12,000 users and shared more than 5,000 times. Mr Wilcox has received thousands of friend requests, and lots of support and criticism from others on Facebook.

The majority of users have praised the 22-year-old for his post, but others have saidhis post was out of line – saying he could have gotten the wrong end of the stick, or pointing out that he shouldn’t have done it publicly as the couple’s kids may see it.

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