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by buyerguru
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A recent article at Webpage fx (https://www.webpagefx.com/why-do-online-businesses-fail.html) points out that there are several key reasons why online businesses fail.  Among the top (even though there may be multiple reasons as well as personal or business specific issues) or common threads are:

  • Lack of Basic Business Knowledge
  • Lack of Business Identity (What’s your brand?)
  • No Business Goals
  • Not Learning Important Skills or Concepts (Who handles your money?)
  • Heavy Competition
  • Lack of Website SEO (Really?  It’s 2017 people!  Get with it!)
  • No Social Media Presence
  • No Original or Helpful Content (like this post, right?)
  • Lack of Maintenance
  • No Support System or Customer Contact Plan

And a recent article from Chris Ducker (http://www.chrisducker.com/internet-business-failures/) quotes several sources suggesting that 90% of all online business startups fail within the first 120 days (4 months)!!!  Yep, you read that correctly … 90%!

That’s too many in our opinion… there are so many people online at any moment in time, many of whom are looking for something specific, and are ready to sign up (for information), share resources with their peers (social), or make a direct purchase.  This failure rate is not acceptable.

There is one BIG factor that really is the “number 1 cause” of online business extinction or failure.

  • It’s not failed ideas.
  • It’s not debt.
  • It’s not doubters.
  • It’s not frustration.
  • It’s not overwhelm.
  • It’s not bad decisions.



You and I are entrepreneurs and as such we have some genes in common.

Genes which drive us, light a fire deep inside our belly to never settle for the mediocre.

Genes which get us up early and keep us up late.

Genes which make us do what most won’t so we can get what most can’t.

But these same genes can also kill us.

Because they contain the deadly “distraction virus”.

First this way, then that.

If you don’t remain focused on one thing you will quickly fail as an entrepreneur.

So my word of advice to you is to focus SOLELY on what works for successful online businesses.

For example, Michael Cheney’s Commission Machine lays out a clear, easy to follow blueprint for you.

Follow it to the letter and you will make big commissions and your business will not only survive, but it will thrive. After all, that’s why we’re doing this right?

Everything you need is inside.

So get laser-focused, get The Commission Machine and get the money fast;



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