Wardrobe malfunction: Jennifer Lawrence’s dress falls apart at #SAGAwards

by buyerguru
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I’ve never loved Jennifer Lawrence more than 2 minutes ago when she ripped he dress while walking to accept her award. twitter.com/iamBryttaknee/…

— Brittany(@iamBryttaknee) January 28, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence. STAHP IT NOW. You can’t rip your dress while walking up to give an acceptance speech & STILL be flawless. You just CAN’T.

— Gabrielle H & M (@gabby2lastnames) January 28, 2013

Wow, Jennifer Lawrence ripped the hell out of her dress tonight at the SAG awards. And then kept walking like half of her dress wasn’t gone.

— Alexa Rae (@QueenCrash) January 28, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence kept her composure despite dress malfunction to give another heartfelt acceptance speech. #SAGAwards

— Terry (@ESWterry) January 28, 2013

Young actress Jennifer Lawrence won a SAG Award tonight for her performance in “Hunger Games,” but she won even more hearts after maintaining her poise during an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

Congrats Jennifer Lawrence! twitter.com/TributePotterH…

— Catnip.Watson ϟ♥ (@TributePotterH) January 28, 2013

jennifer lawrence’s dress ripped at the sag awards and she looks totally calm i would have cried

— Meagan (@meagandineen) January 28, 2013

JENNIFER LAWRENCE is flawless even when she rips her dress walking to the stage!!! I love her even more!!!!!!!!!

— Jenn(@nyc_jennm) January 28, 2013

Video here:

Video of Jennifer Lawrence’s dress falling apart at the #SAGawards: poponthepop.com/videos/jennife…

— El SOOPer!! (@SooperMexican) January 28, 2013


Update: The designer of Lawrence’s dress says there was no malfunction.

The skirt of her tiered gown lifted as she walked up the stairs, revealing a sheer layer. It may have appeared that she ripped the Raf Simons creations – which would have had people (including us) screaming sacrilege, but any material Dior Haute Couture uses is practically indestructible.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/01/27/wardrobe-malfunction-jennifer-lawrence-dress-falls-apart-at-sagawards/

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