Texas College Unfairly Rejects African Students In Fear Of Ebola

by FFarrDiet
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Dr. Edward GoodmanDr. Edward Goodman

Texas’ Navarro College just made a colossal public relations error.

The Corsicana college has reportedly been turning down African applicants because it fears allowing possible Ebola victims on campus. All of this is a little ironic, considering Texas already has two confirmed cases.

Activist Idris Ayodeji Bello posted a picture of a Nigerian friend’s Navarro College rejection letter to Twitter, writing that discrimination against Africans must stop.

The letter reads,

Navarro College is not accepting international students from countries with confirmed Ebola cases.

After several media outlets published the letter, Navarro College released a statement touching on the African rejection letters. To date, it’s the only comment the administration has made.

The statement says the college “restructured” its international recruitment program to focus on students from China and Indonesia.

Next year, it will pick several new countries. The college apologized for any “misinformation” students received.

As CNBC points out, the last case of Ebola in Nigeria was diagnosed on September 8, more than one month ago. Navarro College has more explaining to do.

H/T: Independent, Photo Courtesy: Twitter 

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