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Viral Letter Asks Nike for Cerebral Palsy Shoe Line

by BillyMadsen
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Sixteen-year-old Matthew Walzer’s heartfelt letter to Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker, is quickly spreading across Twitter through the hashtag campaign #NikeLetter. Walzer posted the letter on his blog Tuesday afternoon, hoping to make Parker aware of a “great need” for supportive, easily-fastened shoes for people with cerebral palsy. Walzer was born two months premature, and when he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, the country’s top doctors told his parents that he would never be able to walk. Against all odds, Walzer can walk with the aid of crutches and his Nike basketball sneakers, which provide ample ankle support. But Walzer has […]

Chrissy Teigen Went On A Twitter Rant About Pie, And It Was Perfect

by C-Cordero
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If I could elect Chrissy Teigen to the Senate, I would. She represents ~the people~ better than any politician. She understands our desires, our struggles and our food issues. She openly shares the details of her life to better bond with the public, and we gladly accept her offerings. Most recently, the “Lip Sync Battle” star went on a detailed pie rant, and — speaking honestly from the perspective of a devoted CT Twitter follower — every moment was like looking in a goddamn mirror. COMMENCE PIE RANT. PIE RANT…. — christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) February 7, 2016 She sets the […]

Matt Prokop offends some Aussies in defense of girlfriend Sarah Hyland

by Diego R
Comments are off for this post.!/mattpro13/status/436631145334460417 “Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland says a fan grabbed her breast during a photo op at a party in Sydney, Australia, Thursday. The Daily Mail reports that Hyland left the party in tears, and Hyland used Twitter to apologize for leaving early.!/Sarah_Hyland/status/436425965292777472 Hyland’s boyfriend, actor Matt Prokop, took a stronger stance, wishing death on the fan who groped Hyland.!/mattpro13/status/436464686997860352 In a now-deleted follow-up tweet, Prokop apologized for the language but also managed to insult Australians by tweeting that “in the states we respect women.”!/Jeffmister/status/436629878025113600…

Twitter’s Growth Problems Go Beyond Its Departing Top Executive

by MWiggins
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While COO Ali Rowghani was liked by some of Twitter’s staff, it seems he found himself in the company’s long line of scapegoats. View this image › Aly Song / Reuters Ali Rowghani, Twitter’s chief operating officer, who anonymous insiders anointed “co-CEO” in a Wall Street Journal profile — resigned this morning amid concerns over the company’s stalling growth. The resignation was foreshadowed in a report last night from Re/Code’s Kara Swisher that detailed growing tensions between Rowghani and the executive suite of the company. Rowghani’s inability to spur growth, a much-needed signal for public shareholders that are now determining […]

Social Media Becoming Online Battlefield in Syria

by P.Neff
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Social media is often credited with helping spread the Arab Spring, as activists shared messages of discontent and organized protests using Facebook and Twitter. More than a year after the Arab Spring began in Tunisia, it has become a megaphone for propaganda from both sides of the struggle in conflict-ridden Syria. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are replete with propaganda from Syria — government forces and rebels have been using the networks to spar for the attention and support of the outside world. The Syrian government even has a division, the Syrian Electronic Army, assigned to the task. “It’s not surprising […]

Texas Supreme Court justice lists reasons judges ‘should legislate from the bench’

by Alden.Cheek
Comments are off for this post.!/TXTrendyChick/status/466355670397513728 Sorry, judicial activism. Justice Don Willett’s just not that into you. Top 5 reasons I believe judges should legislate from the bench — 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.— Justice Don Willett (@JusticeWillett) May 14, 2014 Dear judicial activism — We are never ever ever getting back together. (Honestly, we were never together to start with.)— Justice Don Willett (@JusticeWillett) May 14, 2014 Related: Texas Supreme Court justice expertly mocks Melissa Harris-Perry’s lame apology hashtag Read more:

Johny Manziel Clashed With Hungry Pack of Twitter Trolls After They Called Him Out for Rooting for Patriots

by TomM
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Girl Sends Hilarious Email to Teacher While Drugged up after Surgery, and Twitter Can’t Get Enough of It

by D-Tang
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It all starts when she confuses her pug with her other dog that passed away long ago my dog Daisy is on her and she thought is was our old dog Sammy that passed away and… — mary cate (@marycatehamele) November 22, 2016 Read more:

Oops! That awkward moment when the BBC made Calif. its own country [pic]

by JamieHines
Comments are off for this post.!/TamerlaneBlog/status/503501890290601984 Weird map indeed. The BBC took to Twitter to report on the earthquake that hit Napa Valley, Calif. And this happened:!/BBCBreaking/status/503501171223715840 Um.!/jiggatravels/status/503503262444953600!/Hamarai/status/503502967064895488!/GOSFWARRIORS/status/503534750007828480!/dannysullivan/status/503502639263260672!/KevDyl/status/503538318504497153 Does the BCC know something we don’t?!/KyleWiebalk/status/503504000407592960 Heh. Heck of job, BBC! Update: They changed it for a follow-up tweet:!/BBCBreaking/status/503519456224882688…

If Social Networks Were People, This Is What They Would Look Like (Photos)

by SolomonHelmsBuyer
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Viktorija Pashuta It’s no secret that these days, social media plays a massive role in our lives. Whether you’re an avid tweeter or a Facebook addict, you’ve found your social media platform of choice, and there’s a high chance that not a day goes by you don’t check it. This raises a question: When is social media going to finally consume our lives for good? In a recent visual project conducted by Viktorija Pashuta, the California-based creative director answers a simple question: What would popular social networks look like, if they were actually human? What if, instead of being a […]