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How to get Brands and Agencies to Use Your Startup

by Chung
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Michoel is director of platform and product strategy at Big Fuel, a social media agency. He is also an advisor at Social iQ Networks and VideoGenie and a frequent speaker at social media technology conferences and events. You can follow him @Twabbi. It’s typical to see hundreds of startups competing for a share in brand media campaigns. Entrepreneurs are constantly pitching a diverse range of platforms but they all want the same thing: some of those brand and agency dollars. The problem is that even though startups solve important social business problems, agencies or brands can’t use them because implementation […]

‘Rudy’ Gives Advice to NFL Rookies

by buyerguru
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Wait a minute, what’s Samwise Gamgee doing talking to a bunch of NFL rookies? Actually, that’s Rudy Ruettiger — or Sean Astin, the actor who played both the underdog Notre Dame football player immortalized in the 1993 film Rudy, as well as Frodo Baggins’ erstwhile sidekick. Astin is part of a Pepsi Max digital marketing campaign, in which he employs his football expertise (or lack thereof) to engage in some gridiron banter with the NFL’s latest crop of talent. The back-and-forth is good for a few chuckles, so check it out in the video above. Read more:

Gannett Buys Social Media Marketing Firm Blinq

by Billy Buyer
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Newspaper chain Gannett on Tuesday announced it was buying social media marketing firm Blinq Media to help position itself as a “leader in local and global social media marketing.” The acquisition gives Gannett access to Blinq’s 600 advertisers and to BAM 2.0, Blinq’s technology platform for social media campaign planning, set-up, management, optimization and metrics. Terms were not disclosed. Though its business is still closely aligned with print, Gannett in recent years has sought to expand its digital offerings to advertisers, most notably via its $100 million acquisition of PointRoll in 2005. PointRoll is best known for offering rich media […]

5 New Ways to Improve Your Facebook EdgeRank

by CWelch
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Brian Carter is a brand advocate for PageLever, the leading Facebook analytics tool. He is also the author of The Like Economy, and has been cited as an expert in facebook marketing by ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. Read more at his blog: Brands have learned that success with a Facebook page isn’t just about fan numbers, but also about how many fans see their posts. Facebook’s news feed algorithm — called EdgeRank — controls that visibility. Of course, optimizing a news feed so that it bumps up your EdgeRank is a complicated recipe that varies […]

Amazon Planning 5 or 6 New Tablets

by Russell
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Amazon is planning to introduce five or six new tablet iterations of different sizes, including a 10-inch model, according to a report quoting the president of Staples. Demos Parneros, president of U.S. retail for the chain, told Reuters that Amazon is making the new models to help sell digital products like MP3s, TV shows, apps and games now that physical versions of those products are starting to decline in sales. Parneros did not say when the new products would hit shelves. Reps from Amazon could not be reached for comment. The report comes as rumors are buzzing about Amazon’s next […]

Talk Digital Marketing Trends With #Mashies Twitter Chat

by AmadoSeymour
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Image: Mashable Composite, Getty Creative Ellagrin In 2013, Mashable hosted the first-ever Mashies awards program to celebrate the best and most creative work in digital marketing, and it’s returning once again to highlight the cutting-edge campaigns and people powering the industry in 2014. In preparation for the awards program, we will be hosting a #Mashies Twitter chat on Thursday at 2 p.m. ET on our @MashBusiness account with several of our Mashies judges. These experts and influencers will address some of the most talked-about questions surrounding the industry such as what are the keys to real-time marketing success? What are […]

Top 10 Brands With Highest Social Media Engagement This Week

by TrafficGuru-Enid
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Samsung topped this week’s chart for brands with the highest social media engagement. The Korean electronics maker continues to dominate the social landscape, thanks to its recent product launches of the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 10.1, according to Starcount. The data aggregator, which tracks metrics from 11 networks to measure social popularity, compiled a top 10 list for this week. Samsung’s new video for its Galaxy Note tablet garnered 2.5 million hits in a little more than seven days, helping push the company’s total YouTube views to nearly 8 million this week. In other findings, ecommerce retailer Amazon’s […]

Learn Why Content Creation Is Transforming Consumer Outreach

by Arlene_Mahoney
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Consumers are the driving force behind so many businesses. Each day we hear about brand innovation in the name of new business, from social media campaigns to space jumps. Players in the fashion industry especially are discovering ways to carve out new identities. Brands have now become content creators and publishers in their own right, carving out new roles for editors in chief, content creators and producers. At this year’s Mashable Media Summit, we will explore how this new model is changing brands and traditional content producers like newspapers and magazines. Leading the discussion, Mashable associate business editor Lauren Indvik […]

Grey Poupon Wants to Be the Most Exclusive Page on Facebook

by CallieGross
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Grey Poupon may be the first and only company to actually turn away fans from its Facebook page. The high-end mustard brand launched a new online marketing campaign for its Facebook page on Wednesday, in which Grey Poupon will screen fans who attempt to like the page to see if they have good enough taste to become one of the company’s Facebook fans. Those users who want to become a fan of Grey Poupon’s Facebook page will have to apply for membership through an application on the page called The Society Of Good Taste. The app scans your Facebook page […]

5 Brands to Emulate on YouTube

by Chloe
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When it comes to engaging consumers online, the bar has never been higher. A recent study revealed that 82% of Americans completely ignore most online advertising. And it makes sense — faced with endless amounts of media online, we’ve all developed an eye-glaze setting reserved for pre-roll, banner and social media ads. Simply put, they don’t work anymore. Luckily, there’s an antidote to this interruptive, beat-you-over-the-head type of advertising — it just requires a very different approach. In order to cut through the noise, brands must create content — stuff that consumers actually care about and want to engage with […]