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5 Ways Students Use Technology to Cheat – What Parents Need to Know

by Kip F
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Rebecca Levey is a co-founder of, a video review site by and for tweens. She writes about technology and education at Beccarama and is a White House Champion of Change for Education. Follow her at @beccasara. Cheating has been around as long as school has existed. In the days before handhelds and Wikipedia, students would create crib sheets tucked into sleeves or palmed discreetly in their hands. I remember sitting down for my first day of Latin class in high school and seeing 20 different conjugated verbs etched into the wooden desktop –- a legacy of cheating I suppose. […]

5 Brands to Emulate on YouTube

by Chloe
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When it comes to engaging consumers online, the bar has never been higher. A recent study revealed that 82% of Americans completely ignore most online advertising. And it makes sense — faced with endless amounts of media online, we’ve all developed an eye-glaze setting reserved for pre-roll, banner and social media ads. Simply put, they don’t work anymore. Luckily, there’s an antidote to this interruptive, beat-you-over-the-head type of advertising — it just requires a very different approach. In order to cut through the noise, brands must create content — stuff that consumers actually care about and want to engage with […]