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17 Gifts For Moms Who Love Wine More Than Flowers

by TrafficGuruCCurrie
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Sure, you’ll never go wrong with flowers and chocolates, but when it comes to a wine-loving mom, you can do a whole lot better. That’s why we assembled a list of the best gifts for wine lovers, from adult sippy cups to ros flavored gummy bears, sure to please the most oenophile of mothers. We hope you find these wine-lover gifts as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words may receive a share of sales from links on this page. This Adult Sippy Cup That Lets Her Take Her Wine On The Go via: Amazon Selected Review: I have […]

33 Hilarious Snapchats That Will Have You Laughing Like Crazy

by LeonaLord
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1 Many of us know Snapchat as a photo-sharing app that also lets you do some pretty crazy (haunting?) things with the image you just shot. But because it allows the user to combine photos and text, it also is a great place to come across some hilarious photos with equally awesome captions. Take a look! 2 Or she just allowed it to happen. via: No Way Girl 3 Angry dummy. via: Tumblr 4 That’s a pretty good worm impression. via: Ifunny 5 What a difference a letter makes. via: PInterest 6 He’s a hotspot. via: Twitter 7 Someone got […]

Sliced Chocolate Is Now Available and Desserts Will Never Be the Same

by BrandiH
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You don’t have to be a foodie or expert chef to appreciate what chocolate brings to the table. It makes fruit, breakfast, lunch, and, of course, dessert better with its presence. via: Diply And now, some brilliant mind has made adding chocolate to your creations ridiculously easy. That’s right. Sliced chocolate (just like sliced cheese) is a thing. And it’s going to take your creations from good to great. We might be eating healthier, but often, that’s just so we can make our naughty calories really count when we want to indulge. Sliced chocolate makes that dream come true. via: […]

These First Tweets From Celebrities Prove Even They Had No Clue What Twitter Was For

by Ellie
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Twitter turned 10 years old in 2016, which means that like most pre-teens, its gone through a lot of changes, often has an attitude, and doesnt let you forget the stupid things you said that one time. And celebrities arent immune, as proven by the fact that there’s a website where you can find the very first tweets of any person who has ever used the site. When looking at those from celebrities, it seemed a lot of them were interested in a) promoting something and b) pointing out that it wasnt a fake account. But I guess you have […]

This New York City Subway Photo Is Giving People Hope For a Better America

by BurlVernon
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To say that tensions are high in America right now would be a gross understatement. There are many things dividing the nation, but a now-viral photo is giving the Internet a little more hope, and they’ll take it where they can get it. Jackie Summers, aforty-nine-year-old from Brooklyn, New York, was leaving brunch onEaster Sunday and caught the F train at East Broadway. Jackie Summers He saw a young Hasidic couple get on the train, so gave up his seat so they could sit together. A Muslim woman with a baby then got on, and the couple slid over so […]

You HAVE To See George Michael In the First Ever ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Video

by Daisy.Portillo
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James Cordens Carpool Karaoke has blown up this past year, with everyone from Britney Spears and Adele to Lin-Manuel Miranda and Madonna taking the passenger’s seat and singing along. But the segment actually dates back much earlier than this year it actually got its start in 2011, with none other than the late George Michael. via: YouTube Well before James Corden took over The Late Late Show in 2015,the iconic British singer, who died on Christmas at 53, had the honor of being Cordens very first carpool guest. via: YouTube The 2011 sketch, which was made for Comic Relief, a […]

Will Ferrell Totally Roasted Trump at the ‘Not The White House Correspondents Dinner’

by BillyMadsen
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On Saturday in Washington, DC, Samantha Bee hosted a special taping of her late night show, Full Frontal, called Not The White House Correspondents Dinner. via: YouTube The show takes aim at President Donald Trump, as well as other members of government and media, and it wasn’t without a few surprises namely an appearance from Will Ferrel. Ferrel revived his beloved Saturday Night Live impression as George W. Bush for a good, old-fashioned Trump roasting. via: YouTube The comic laid into Trump’sunbecoming behavior, presenting them as a counterpoint to Bush Jr.’s own oafishness in and out of office. He received […]

17 Awesome Divorce Cakes That Remind Us Splitting Up Can Doesn’t Have To Be Sad

by HershelC
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They say “Everything ends poorly, otherwise it wouldn’t end.” That may or may not be true, but just because a relationship is over doesn’t mean you HAVE to be sad about it. via: Cosmopolitan You can be happy for the experience, grateful you’re done, and excited for whatever comes next. It might sound like the easiest thing to be optimistic about, but you’d have to admit that the new trend of “divorce cakes” make the end a little less bittersweet and a little more regular-sweet. Take a look at these cakes that send couples out in hilarious, delicious style. Bad […]

Accidental Censorship of Olympic Divers Totally Makes It Look REALLY Dirty

by RudolphHealyTrafficGuru
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Along with incredible skill and dedication, Olympic divers also posses Speedos that could serve as tiny little hammocks for hamsters. In other words, the suits are super small. That’s not news. 1 What is news is thatwhen the scores that show up on the screen and cover the divers groin area, it kind of sort of accidentally makes it look like porn. via: BuzzFeed 2 It’s not just a one-night stand either, as it’s happened on more than a couple occasions. via: BuzzFeed 3 So sit back and enjoy the sport in a way you’ve never enjoyed it before. via: […]

This Paralyzed Vet Surprised and Inspired Everyone By Rising To Dance With His Bride

by BettyeA
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When Thomas Martineau finally walked down the aisle with his bride Kiersten Downs, she didn’t realize that another surprise was awaiting her at the reception. via: While the wedding planner strategically whisked Keirsten away, Thomas, with some prior planning alongside his physical therapist, moved into a harness suspended from the reception’s ceiling. via: Thomas had been confined to a wheelchair, so Kiersten couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw him upright in time for their first dance. via: She said, I danced my way in and had to adjust my eyes because something was different. via: …AND GETS ALL UP […]