Some people noticed the most terrifying Ebola news … creepy CDC guy [pics]

by FloraWinter
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As Twitchy reported, a patient in Dallas, Texas, has been diagnosed with Ebola. The CDC reportedly tried to keep the news quiet at first. Way to go, guys!

1st Ebola case in #DallasTX. #CDC presser to discuss the situation @TracyeHutchins has details @ 11pm @CBS46atl

— Jim Zorn (@PhotoZorn) October 1, 2014

But during the news conference, this happened.

CDC guy, "We're delighted to be doing this in partnership with Texas." I can assure Texas does not feel the same. #Delighted

— KRenner (@KRenner2) September 30, 2014


Is it possible for this CDC guy to any more condescending? No. It's not. Really- it's not.

— R (@LibertyLynx) September 30, 2014

Anyone else watching the CDC press conference? It's like watching The Three Stooges. Or the prequel to The Walking Dead. #EbolaOutbreak

— Kristen Quigley (@kristenquigley) September 30, 2014

Speaking of which, this isn’t so reassuring:

#THEFIVE How bout the little cough the CDC guy let out?

— J Perry (@jlperry_jr) September 30, 2014

It got worse. Some noticed something a little peculiar about the CDC guy himself.

CDC Director reassures public that Ebola is under control, vomits blood, eats nose of nearby staffer.

— Thought Criminal (@Warden_AoS) September 30, 2014


@Warden_AoS @instapundit Is this the beginning of the Zombiepocalypse or what?

— 2BarkingWesties (@2BarkingWesties) October 1, 2014

@Warden_AoS My word, couldn't someone healthier looking do the press conference?

— Darius Batki (@CaiaphasDarling) September 30, 2014

@Warden_AoS @instapundit you normally don't see that level of health outside of a health food store clerk …

— DARTH ADAMS (@screwtape1a12) October 1, 2014

@Warden_AoS @Terry_Jim yep looks like a walking dead actor….

— Sicarius (@is_matrix) October 1, 2014

There’s more:

And so, we've got our best people working on … ahh .. uhh… braaains! BRAAAAAAINS! I'm sorry,where was I? #Ebola

— Thought Criminal (@Warden_AoS) September 30, 2014

As I was saying, all precautions are… uhm, do any of you happen to have a raw steak? Or a bucket of pigs blood?

— Thought Criminal (@Warden_AoS) September 30, 2014

Now if any of you have any relatives die from this #Ebola breakout, just send them to me. Preferably disassembled.

— Thought Criminal (@Warden_AoS) September 30, 2014

Listen, assholes. I know how to deal with #Ebola. I've been around since before the Black Plague.

— Thought Criminal (@Warden_AoS) September 30, 2014

Yes, I am wearing formaldehyde aftershave. Thanks for noticing. Also, thanks for NOT noticing my hand just fell off.

— Thought Criminal (@Warden_AoS) September 30, 2014

Yes, starchy collars are uncomfortable, but the maggots eating my rotting neck flesh dislike it, so that's a plus.

— Thought Criminal (@Warden_AoS) September 30, 2014

The best way to prevent the spread of #Ebola is to send me the sweet, succulent bone marrow of a plump toddler.

— Thought Criminal (@Warden_AoS) September 30, 2014

Do you like this tie? My wife picked it out. I call it "lividity purple." *Cough* Does anyone have a spare IV drip?

— Thought Criminal (@Warden_AoS) September 30, 2014

And an exit question:

@screwtape1a12 @instapundit @Warden_AoS Did I miss the press conference announcing the zombie apocalypse?

— John Sheridan (@JohnSheridan12) October 1, 2014

Stay tuned?


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