Skulduggery! Oh no, he wouldn’t: Prediction of Putin’s next move sparks panic

by T-Bliss-Diet
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As Twitchy reported, the Fishwrap of Record ran an op-ed penned by Vladimir Putin, in which he slammed the truth of American Exceptionalism. Gary Kasparov ripped Putin for what he called a shameful display of “condescending propoganda.

Iowahawk described it as only he can:!/iowahawkblog/status/377962270363357184

And a double-zing follow-up:!/cgdeaton/status/377965696262475776


But, will what comes next be even more mortifying?!/redsteeze/status/377976468560543745

Oh the skulduggery! Others also predicted crossword consternation.!/MperiousRex/status/377960253695856640!/dougfun/status/378093747634192384

How will he do it?!/TiredmamainNC/status/377976999505297408

Shudder. But that isn’t even the most terrifying thought:!/ThePantau/status/377976657900224513

Oh dear Lord.


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