Politico muses about the ‘lasting effect’ of ‘Rubio’s watergate’ on the GOP

by buyerguru
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Beyond parody, indeed.

First Politico published an article about “Rubio’s drinking problem.”

Seriously Politico? “Marco Rubio’s Drinking Problem”? Give me a break…. politico.com/story/2013/02/…

— Henry D’Andrea (@TheHenry) February 13, 2013

And here’s what @POLITICOvideo tweeted out this morning.

Rubio’s watergate: lasting effect on GOP? Tune in at politico.com/live #politicolive

— POLITICO Video (@POLITICOvideo) February 14, 2013

On Wednesday, CNN labeled Marco Rubio’s ‘sip heard round the world a “career-ender.” The network later claimed it was a total knee-slapper. Get it? Get it? Will Politico play the LOL card too (even though nobody’s laughing)?

“@politicovideo: Rubio’s watergate: lasting effect on GOP?” A simple and childish ploy to take attention away from the content of his speech

— Jeff Feiwell (@jfeiwell) February 14, 2013

@politicovideo Please stop…

— Ulrik Boesen (@UBoesen) February 14, 2013

@politicovideo Politico is a joke. Is this all you have? Nice try at manufacturing “news”. Pathetic.

— Patriotic 1 (@OnePatrioticOne) February 14, 2013

.@politicovideo you too, you can’t beat him on merit so you go after him drinking water. WOW!

— Deetroyt (@deetroyt) February 14, 2013

politico.com/live @politico still on the stupid Thirster bandwagon #Rubio

— CTIronman (@CTIronman) February 14, 2013

You’re better than this. “@politicovideo: Rubio’s watergate: lasting effect on GOP? Tune in at politico.com/live #politicolive

— Jared Small (@jaredsmall) February 14, 2013

“Better than this”? Apparently not.


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