Patriotism, progressive-style: How Lena Dunham pissed on Memorial Day

by N.Hobson
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There are no words.

And her friends are so classy, too.!/fakedansavage/status/339099003587264512

Yes, that’s THE anti-bullying bully Dan Savage of doorknob-licking infamy.!/thegrrlgenius/status/339101449831206915

Patriotism, prog Hollywood-style.!/michellemalkin/status/339111012173225984!/conservbtfly/status/339110507413905408

Bad move, Taylor. The company you keep reeks.!/CharmaineYoest/status/339108254560952321!/clayranck/status/339107461128650753


Lena Dunham shares the riveting story of how she and her Oberlin pals “hid like a witch had come to town” when Twitchy founder/CEO Michelle Malkin visited campus.!/lenadunham/status/339155680743280640


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