Italian Lawmakers Hold Kiss-In In Parliament For LGBT Rights

by BuyerMillieSexton
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1. Last year, the Italian parliament began the process of passing an anti-discrimination bill that included protections for LGBT people.

Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

Five Star Movement deputies attend a demonstration against the suspension of parliamentary activity in front of the Italian Parliament in Rome July 10, 2013.

2. Yesterday, during a debate of the bill, members of the anti-establishment political party, Five Star Movement, simultaneously rose from their seats….

3. … And made out.

Or hugged, or held signs that reportedly called for more rights for gay people.

4. The protest may have been expressing views that the bill is hypocritical.


The bill, although including protections against homophobic and transphobic comments, also protects comments and views within “political, cultural, or religious organizations.”

5. According to member of parliament Federica Daga, they held the protest for equal rights and dignity without gender. Because a kiss and a hug are not scary.”

6. This kiss-in was welcomed with a great deal of applause and celebration, in stark contrast to kiss-ins that were held in Russia in June of this year.


8. The bill passed the lower house 354 to 79 votes, but some predict that it will not pass the senate. Watch the whole video here:

[youtube]Video available at:

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