If Travel Posters Were Honest, This Is What They’d Really Say

by Alex-Spicer
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The world is full of exotic locales and bustling centers of life all vying for your attention (and money), and towns, cities and countries spend billions of dollars every single year in an attempt to convince people they’re the best place to get rid of disposable income.

Travel posters are supposed to get people to want to check out whatever attractions you might have at your disposal, and as is the case with almost all marketing, that means making yourself look better than you really are while ignoring all the negatives.

These might not do much to increase your wanderlust, but I figure if you’re going to spend way too much money to go to a place that will¬†ultimately disappoint you, you should know what you’re getting yourself into.

Mexico has a lot of awesome stuff, and also some less awesome stuff.


I’ve heard Mexico is really nice, and hearing is all I’m going to do until they figure out a way to solve the whole “random kidnappings and beheadings” problem.

It’s not really a vacation unless you’re stressed out the entire time.


Alternative slogan: Hopefully, You Can Find An Antidote.

How could you say no?


You cannot. Have fun on your vacation. Be sure to pack a coat or three.

They put up sets and walls to block out the reality.


If the movies were really accurate, the quiet girl from the Midwest moving to LA to pursue her dreams would get off the bus and have every single person ask her for money.

I heard they have bikes there. Those are probably fun too.


You could probably just stare at the flowers for two hours and have just as much fun.

This fabulous prize can be yours for one easy payment of all the money you have!


The souvenir that keeps on giving.

This one might actually make you want to go to Paris


Now someone needs to invent a filter that eliminates all the tourists standing in front of whatever you’re trying to photograph.

Not all South American countries are created equal.


Some words sound kind of like Portuguese. Kind of.

You know that movie that made New York look amazing? It was filmed in the expensive part of Brooklyn and the Upper West Side.


They also probably edited out the rats.

If you’re lucky, you might get to stay there forever.

NORTH-KOREA-travel poster-elite-dailyNORTH-KOREA-travel poster-elite-daily

You wouldn’t even have to pay for a room — a windowless one with a locked door will be provided for you!

This might actually be the official slogan


There’s nothing wrong with Ibiza — just most of the people who¬†go there.

I’d argue stuffed crust is more impressive than any Ancient Wonder of the World.


The same goes for the Double Down sandwich.

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