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A collegiate university is a university in which functions are divided between a central administration and a number of constituent colleges. The two principle forms are residential college universities, where the central university is responsible for teaching and colleges may deliver some teaching but are primarily residential communities, and federal universities where the central university has an administrative (and sometimes examining) role and the colleges may be residential but are primarily teaching institutions. The larger colleges or campuses of federal universities, such as University College London and University of California, Berkeley, may be effectively universities in their own right and often have their own student unions.
For universities with residential colleges, the principal difference between these and non-collegiate halls of residence (or dormitories) is that “colleges are societies (Latin collegia), not buildings”. This is expressed in different ways in different universities; commonly students are members of a college, not residents of a college, and remain members whether they are living in the college or not, but this is not universal and the distinction may be drawn in other ways (see, e.g., the University of Otago below). Residential colleges also commonly have members drawn from the university’s academic staff in order to form a whole academic community. Students in residential colleges are often organised into a junior common room, with academic staff forming a senior common room.

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