Daniel Dae Kim asks fans for rap names

by WiltonK
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Hawaii 5-0 star Daniel Dae Kim tweeted rap nicknames for his co-stars and asked his followers for suggestions.

The tweets:

I'll retweet my favorites. If u've got names for Alex, Grace, Masi & Scott as well, I promise I'll show them the best ones! #H50 #MyRapName

— Daniel Dae Kim (@danieldaekim) April 1, 2012

For Grace Park, how's G-Race? #H50 #MyRap Name

— Daniel Dae Kim (@danieldaekim) April 1, 2012

For Scott: X Caan, or WRATHA Caan #H50 #MyRapName

— Daniel Dae Kim (@danieldaekim) April 1, 2012

@danieldaekim Scott= Caan-vict or Caan Artist

— Brian (@B_Zack) April 1, 2012

@danieldaekim for Scott: Chaka Caan #H50 #MyRapName

— Neil Rocha (@isnhhb) April 1, 2012

@danieldaekim Def Caan

— j e n n i f e r (@TresRomantique) April 1, 2012

@danieldaekim daeth row records

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) April 1, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/04/01/daniel-dae-kim-asks-fans-for-rap-names/

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