Dad of the Year Spends 18 Months Turning Daughter’s Room Into Her Dream World

by BuyerRhondaD
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As a kid, being told to go to your room is usually some sort of punishment. But thats not the case if youre the daughter of Reddit user radamshome.


He found if he drew the silhouettes of the model on the wall, he could attach the steel rebar straight to those lines.


To apply the skin to the branches, he found “expanded metal lathe” was easiest to fasten to the skeleton with zip-ties.


When things started to get a bit frustrating, he kept this picture of her in the room to help [him]through the tough parts.


And the fairy door? A trip to the local Michael’s craft store yielded some good details pieces, the doorknob was found at Anthropologie, and he made the big gold hinges from Scupley and painted them with Testors paints.


While most of the decorations are cheap, they splurged on a few of them made of hand-blown glass and fastened them with heavy wire to steel parts of the branches.

I think she likes it.

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