Confirmed: Richard Mourdock’s Ind. primary victory is a win for America

by Rudy_H_Buyer
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John Kerry calling Lugar's loss a "tragedy" = sign that the Hoosiers got it right today. #highfive2you #INsen

— Sarah Rumpf (@rumpfshaker) May 9, 2012

So if John Kerry thinks last night was a "tragedy", isn't that just confirmation of a *great* decision? #TeaParty #Mourdock

— RedBrightandTrue (@RedBrightandTru) May 9, 2012

Here’s Sen. Kerry’s full statement:

Kerry calls Lugar's primary defeat a 'tragedy' for the Senate: The defeat of Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) in Tues…

— TheHillGlobal (@TheHillGlobal) May 9, 2012

President Obama and Vice President Biden also got in on the Lugar love:

Obama Releases Statement On Lugar 'Retirement' via @TPMLivewire

— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) May 9, 2012

The Senate lost a brilliant strategic mind, a man with absolute integrity. He will be missed.- VP on @senatorlugar

— Vice President Biden (@VP) May 9, 2012

Biden praising Lugar. Well, Joe, whyn't you go with him? Hopefully you two can hook up for golf in mid November.

— KayBDay (@DayontheDay) May 9, 2012


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