Community Post: Why No One Should Worry About Team USA’s Outfits Looking Silly

by ChristoperP
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1. Team USA’s official Opening Ceremony outfits have been causing quite a stir.

These wild outfits may remind you of your grandmother’s moth eaten teddy bear sweater, but there is no need to worry.

2. No one can deny they’re patriotic. But “crazy”, “wild”, and “who came up with that design” are really in this Olympic season.

Look how majestic and patriotic they look!

3. But Team USA is far from alone. For example, check out the Norwegian curling teams outfit.

There outfits have created a huge buzz, and no one can stop talking about them.

4. Germany also jumped on the outrageous design bandwagon with this colorful look.

It’s like a neon, retina-burning explosion!

5. But the head of the crazy train is led by none other than Russia.

These are the official outfits of their Olympic volunteers. Yes. This is real, and not a coat commercial from the 80’s.

6. Sure, it may look like a rainbow threw up all over them, but look at their GLOVES.

So fashionable. So festive. So crazy.

7. So if you’re worried about Team USA, don’t be.

Their sweaters are going to look pretty fine in a sea of neon insanity.

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