Community Post: Home Alone Actors Then And Now!

by FrankieLittlejohn
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1. Kevin / Macaulay Culkin

You don’t hear much from Macaulay these days, except when he throws a Pizza Party!

2. Buzz / Devin Ratray

Most recently you have seen Devin in R.I.P.D.

3. Peter / John Heard

Did you happen to catch him playing the role of George in Sharknado?

4. Kate / Catherine O’Hara

Of course you know that she is in The Greatest Event In Television History! 😉

5. Gus / John Candy

RIP Big guy! We still miss you! John passed away in 1994

6. Old Man Marley / Roberts Blossom

RIP to a guy who melted our hearts! He passed away in 2011.

7. Harry / Joe Pesci

Although he has been quite for a while, his last movie role was in Love Ranch in 2010!

8. Marv / Daniel Stern

If you are a Workaholics fan you may have seen him play the role of Travis Rockne!

9. Jeff / Michael Maronna

Michael now works as an electrician on film sets! Most recently worked on Men in Black 3 and Elementary.

10. Fuller / Kieran Culkin

Go easy on the Pepsi!!! For those of you that didn’t know, Kieran is Macaulay’s kid brother. He is an actor in his own right staring in multiple movies, including Scott Pilgrim vs the World!

11. Linnie / Angela Goethals

Angela is still acting these days with roles most recently in Law & Order and Royal Pains.

12. Uncle Frank / Gerry Bamman

Gerry’s most recent role was the role of Sgt. Norman Wyatt Garfunkle in a short film about NYC parking called Alternate Sides.

13. Megan / Hillary Wolf

Hillary doesn’t act anymore these days. Her last role was actually Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Wolf dropped acting to pursue judo, and made the U.S. Olympic team in ‘96 and ‘00. She’s now married and lives in Colorado.

14. Heather / Kristin Minter

Heather has continued to act with her most recent work in the Showtime Series Ray Donovan.

15. Sondra / Diana Rein

Diana Diana went on to appear in multiple films and is also a musician and singer. Check out her official website here.

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