Cinnamon Sugar-Covered Cheetos Are Coming And They Look Delicious (Photo)

by buyerguru
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So far, 2015 seems to be shaping up pretty well as far as snacks are concerned.

One peek at our food porn list proves just that. And if that’s not enough, Oreo just announced that it’ll be releasing a line of red velvet cookies. That just leaves us to wonder what will follow in the world of delicious snack concoctions.

Thanks to Cheetos, we now have an answer — they’re called Sweetos.

That’s right, Frito Lay’s Cheetos brand is releasing a limited-edition line of cinnamon sugar-covered puffs.

The new snack ditches the traditional Cheetos shape and looks more like a pretzel. In a sense, they’re just small churros in a potato chip bag. Doesn’t sound too bad to us!

The Cheetos Sweetos will be available in supemarkets everywhere by late February.

Sure, it’s a bit of a wait, but something tells us it’ll be worth it.

For proof that this isn’t a joke, here’s Chester Cheetah posing with a bag:

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