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‘Seriously people’: Forest Service says stop taking selfies with bears

by Chung
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http://twitter.com/#!/karltaro/status/526876445713260544 Selfies with a bear are obviously way cooler than regular selfies, but turn your back on a wild bear and he might end up mauling your duck face. It’s probably time for a bear-selfie czar. US Forest Service wants people to stop taking selfies with bears around Lake Tahoe. pic.twitter.com/yBimElNYla — Timothy Aeppel (@TimAeppel) October 27, 2014 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Don’t feed the bears’ narcissism. @TimAeppel @Clintonite33 That's not a selfie. — Rashad Alaiyan (@rashadalaiyan) October 27, 2014 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Visitors to Lake Tahoe are taking way too many selfies with bears. http://t.co/2BCbXmQEdg pic.twitter.com/I5xshJdBJG — Mashable…

Twitter war: Soulja Boy elevates SpaceGhostPurrp beef to bath salt levels

by SolomonL
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http://twitter.com/#!/SergiooxF/status/220705988221734916 The ongoing Twitter beef between rappers Soulja Boy and SpaceGhostPurrp is heating up again, rekindled by A$AP Rocky’s televised diss of SGP at the high-profile BET Awards Sunday. https://twitter.com/souljaboy/status/220666752068100096 https://twitter.com/souljaboy/status/220690549903077376 https://twitter.com/souljaboy/status/220692746770452480 https://twitter.com/souljaboy/status/220672375946084352 https://twitter.com/souljaboy/status/220694580549521408 For his part, SpaceGhostPurrp seems as confused as we are: https://twitter.com/SGhostPurrp/status/220674468853465088 Soulja Boy assures us this is no publicity stunt. https://twitter.com/souljaboy/status/220695917932711936 Besides, Soulja Boy doesn’t…

Changes birthday on facebook everyone who wished me happy birthday isn’t a real friend

by JorgeWoodson
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Read more: http://quickmeme.com/p/3uwl

Idiotic Guy Goes on Facebook Rant About “Cheap Date”, Gets Publicly Shamed and Called Out By Same Date

by O-Mayberry
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He up and brought this one on himself. Next time you take to Facebook to bitch and moan about your dating woes, it’s probably not a half bad idea to double check those facts, and that spelling, and well…maybe just not post anything at all.  1 Via: The Chive 2 This one was destined to crash and burn from the get-go. Via: The Chive 3 Really, you’re going to hit us with the facts now, man? Via: The Chive 4 Ehh, probs best to deactivate for the next move here, bro. Via: The Chive Read more: http://cheezburger.com/2071045/idiotic-guy-goes-on-facebook-rant-about-cheap-date-gets-publicly-shamed

Lisa Lampanelli: Cracker Barrel replaces ‘Duck Dynasty’ products with this

by Samuel
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http://twitter.com/#!/LisaLampanelli/status/415239665982390272 Actually Cracker Barrel has replaced “Duck Dynasty” products with … nothing. That’s because Cracker Barrel is still selling “Duck Dynasty” products. But whatever helps give the self-described “Comedy’s Lovable Queen of Mean” an opportunity to be not particularly funny. *** Related: Stay classy! Lisa Lampanelli names conditions under which she would ‘f*ck George Zimmerman’ Despicable: Comedian Lisa Lampanelli calls Elisabeth Hasselbeck a ‘c*nt’ Lisa Lampanelli comments on Colin Powell’s ‘dark vein,’ says GOP ‘full of white dicks’ Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/12/23/lisa-lampanelli-cracker-barrel-replaces-duck-dynasty-products-with-inbred-sunday-brunch-deal/

23 Derek Jeter Memories That Will Live Forever In Our Hearts

by BuyerDenaYeager
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UPDATE: Re-posted to commemorate Jeter’s announcement that 2014 will be his last season. 1. The moment when it all started. View this image › 2. Back when he was just a goofy kid. View this image › acornking.tumblr.com 3. His majestic jump throws. View this image › 4. When he dropped some motherfucking wisdom. View this image › quotesfield.tumblr.com 5. Every time Bob Sheppard introduced him. Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=KVKVZRP4bUw. 6. The way he kept it classy and never responded to criticism. View this image › theultimatetriumph.tumblr.com Captain Class. 7. When George Costanza threw shade at him and Bernie Wililams […]

This Guy Turned His Fully Functional Shotgun Into A Guitar Because Humans Are Insane

by Avery.M
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When I was a little kid, I once made a guitar out of an empty tissue box. I used it to strum along to all my favorite children’s songs, and I felt like a total rock star. I wasn’t the greatest guitarist, but hey, at least I looked cute. When it comes to making instruments out of interesting materials, though, this guy takes the cake. Reverend Peyton is the front man of his own band, and he’s proven his guitar skills during countless live performances and studio recordings. But when he grew tired of playing a traditional guitar, he sought […]

Murder And Manifest Destiny On The Mosquito Coast

by IvetteDiet
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Pearl Lagoon is a hard place to get to. First, you must secure one of the seats on the small, puddle-jumping prop planes flown by La Costeña, the only airline serving Nicaragua’s notoriously isolated Mosquito Coast. The flight from the country’s capital, Managua, to Bluefields, a motley port town and the area’s major metropolis at about 50,000 people, takes just one hour. That is, when it leaves on time; schedules are the stuff of fantasy here. Its cost is prohibitive for many in this, one of the poorest regions in the second-poorest country in the hemisphere. Often, the only way […]

Romney takes rare time out to banter with press

by TCrocker
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http://twitter.com/#!/evanvucci/status/214872164145442816 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney took some time this evening to shoot the breeze with the press corps on his campaign plane, hours after the debunked Wawa controversy. He talked about the airplane: Romney continues to be surprised by nice campaign travel digs. Jokes to reporters that this plane "must have been paid for by the AP" — Garrett Haake (@GarrettHaake) June 18, 2012 He's right in that its a gorgeous plane. Flight attendant says they flew U2 on US tour, and the Boston Bruins during NHL season. #Embedlife — Garrett Haake (@GarrettHaake) June 19, 2012 The books he’s […]

Stop Whatever It Is You’re Doing And Watch This Cat Take A Bath

by Orville_Richard
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Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=r8NVlYCwqIc. Via Twitter: @BrodiemanThe1st 1. View this image › 2. View this image › 3. View this image › 4. View this image › Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/stop-whatever-it-is-youre-doing-and-watch-this-ca