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Top 10 Museums ForĀ Geeks

by TrafficGuruBenito
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In a way, all museums are for geeks – because geeks love history, science, and the pursuit of knowledge. But putting aside the mainstream museums we are all familiar with, there are some more specialized ones that are particularly tantalizing to those of the geek persuasion. This list looks at ten museums that every geek must try to visit at least once. I should warn you in advance, “museum” may be a little bit of a stretch for one or two of these places, but you will agree that they all deserve a place on this list. Address: 3625 Highland […]

10 Famous Gladiators From Ancient Rome

by buyerguru
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Gladiators were the athletic superstars of Ancient Rome.  Their battles in the arena drew thousands of fans, often including the most important men of the day. Traditionally purchased as slaves, successful gladiators gained thousands of supporters, enjoyed lavish gifts, and could even be awarded freedom if they’d tallied up enough victories.  Described below are ten gladiators who all experienced glory and fame—both in and out of the arena—in Ancient Rome. Originally discovered through graffiti found in Pompeii in 1817, Tetraites was documented for his spirited victory over Prudes.  Fighting in the murmillones style, he wielded a sword, a rectangle shield, […]