Another one of Bill Maher’s sick jokes falls flat

by Dewayne
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Bill Maher enjoys bashing people on the Right whenever possible. Today, he takes aim at Dick Cheney’s name and daughter’s recent marriage to her longtime partner.

For his attempt today, Maher received crickets.

@billmaher it's been a few weeks so you have to "shock" the media. Lol your 15 min are about up cock breath!

— JohnMeketa (@JohnMeketa) June 23, 2012

@billmaher I wish that was funny. Is that your best?

— Just Plain Politics! (@JPPolitics_com) June 23, 2012

@DesertScene @BillMaher "grade B comedian" is too generous by far.

— BraineaterBob (@BraineaterBob) June 23, 2012

@DesertScene @billmaher by all means. Bill Maher sucks donkeyballs and everyone should know it

— Matt Dedinas (@Cato_Uticensis) June 23, 2012

Could @BillMaher do the world a favor and step in front of a speeding bus? Please?

— Snidely Whiplash (@m_ciriello) June 23, 2012

I'm waiting for my invite to your gay wedding! @billmaher

— ComfyPaws™ (@ComfyPaws) June 23, 2012

@billmaher stay classy there, Maher.

— Shaun Ferrell (@sferrell710) June 23, 2012

For now, it would appear that Maher has descended to the abyss of teenage jokes about random Republicans. The one positive for him is that his name is not Keith Olbermann.

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