Angry Wacko Birds certainly among McCain’s other iPhone games

by BuyerAlfredWilliamson
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Considering what other politicians have been caught doing with their iPhones, America is lucky that the only thing going on in Sen. John McCain’s lap during today’s U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing was a game of poker. McCain brushed off the “scandal” with a tweet, noting that the meeting was more than three hours long.


Pic of John McCain spotted playing poker on his iPhone during the hearing.

(Credits: WAPO)

#US— Sara Assaf (@SaraAssaf) September 03, 2013

Poker’s a pretty good metaphor for the gamble the Obama administration is taking with its handling of the Syria situation, but we can’t help but wonder: what are #McCainsOtheriPhoneGames that help get him through those other long, boring meetings?!/LarryGeary/status/375026793029570560!/Rusted_Armor/status/375027294043009024!/dafactor1/status/375027437480210432!/RyanCMcDonald/status/375027643088781312

Kerry Crush? That sounds real.!/TheMaverick21/status/375028022652313600!/LotusTom/status/375028371723255808!/metaphorsbwithu/status/375028952739237888!/Ninerwes/status/375033603052146688!/gwallison/status/375034489296011265

McCain confirmed to a reporter that it was indeed poker that kept him amused during that long meeting.!/koimtv/status/375028117464563712

McCain might have lost his poker game, but at least we got a good hashtag game out of it.!/michellemalkin/status/375028082089807872

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