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Affiliate Monitoring Software is a technology used to monitor or manage internet affiliate marketing activities. It offers the methods to keep tabs on performance of clicks, views and impressions of advertising materials (Banner, Links, etc) within any online marketing activities. Internet marketer tracking software is often associated with affiliate systems that use such a software program to trail and deal with activities of affiliate marketers who are promoting promotions from within the network.
Many internet sites also create their own affiliate marketing networks where they take care of their own affiliate marketing relationships to market their products and services. Internet affiliate tracking software permits them to monitor Conversion on the affiliate marketers’ sites.
The main center of internet affiliate marketing software is monitoring the various areas of confirmed action. The action can be broadly classified into four types.
CPC (Cost per click)
CPA (Cost per acquisition)
CPM (Cost per impression)
CPS (Cost per deal)
CPI (Cost per install)
Checking various aspects identifies IP detection, internet browser detection, which affiliate marketer brought lead.
The other major activity of internet affiliate marketing software is to provide dashboard area for admin to go into information on various promotions like cost, kind of action, allowed country.
This sort of software helps the marketer to observe performance of varied channels and affiliate marketers for several campaigns.
Internet affiliate network software has many features like:
Generating Tracking Rules: Tracking of most clicks and leads need a special unique Link which provides the information of marketing campaign number, affiliate marketing id etc. These traffic monitoring URLs are also known as as tracking rules. Generation which is most significant feature of internet affiliate tracking software.
Monitoring Time and Location: Traffic monitoring time and location of impression, click, business lead and sales is the next most significant feature of affiliate marketing tracking software.
Traffic monitoring Source: Affiliate industry highly will depend on tracking way to obtain the click, business lead or sales. As that helps the advertisers to get accordingly.
Tracking Affiliate marketer: Traffic monitoring of the internet marketer helps the network admin and marketers to imagine which internet marketer is how much effective and which is a minimal performer.
Fraud Diagnosis: Using the expansion of internet affiliate marketing industry and option of IP changing software. The necessity of fraud recognition feature has increased a whole lot. This feature picks up the possible fraudulence attempts by web publishers. As publishers try to generate income giving fake brings about marketers by changing IP every time to disguise their deceptive activity as an authentic lead.

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