7 Photos of Celebs Who Marched For Science On Earth Day

by Bettie
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In honor of Earth Day, thousands of people all across the country and world participated in the March for Science. The main event took place in D.C. and none other than Bill Nye served as honorary co-chair because, really, who better to lead the march than everyones favorite science guy?

Nye wasnt the only familiar face spotted at one of the 600 marches across the globe celebrities participated in the March for Science and sharedphotos on social media.

1. Mark Ruffalo


Ruffalo is one of the most politically active celebrities out there, so its no surprise that he participated in the March for Science and encouraged his fans to do the same. Major bonus points for this hilarious Mean Girls meme.

2. Rachel Bloom


co-creator/star headed to Silicon Valley to speak out on behalf of science.A fan posted this awesome video of Bloom leading a chant that declared, science is too nuanced for a simple chant! Preach.

3. Kenneth Cole


The fashion designer went big when it came to signage with this perfect billboard.

4. Peter Capaldi


The star marched in London one of the many major cities across the world that held a March for Science to coincide with the D.C. event.

5. Bill Nye


Bill Nye addressed marchers at the main event in Washington, D.C. If you didnt get to see him speak in D.C., dont be too sad hes set out to save the world through science with his new Netflix series, .

6. Kathy Griffin


Not only did she participate in the Los Angeles March for Science, but Griffin casually defused a fight on the subway. What a rockstar.

7. Nik Dodani

Nik Dodani/Twitter

The L.A.-based actor, comedian, and activist won the award for best use of a gif.

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