28 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad In South America

by IRoach
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1. You have to learn only one new language.

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All countries in South America are Spanish-speaking except for Brazil, where they speak Portuguese, and Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana, where they speak French. Even so, the languages are pretty similar — and if you know one, you’ll probably be able to at least dabble in the others.

2. And you actually have to learn it — not everybody speaks English here, like they do in Europe.

3. With the exchange rate working in your favor, you can live like royalty.

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4. You get cozier with your host family and make more local friends because you can’t run off to a new city every weekend.

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5. Still, there’s bound to be a trip or two. And when you DO decide to travel, it’ll be UNREAL.

This is the continent with the widest river, the longest mountain range, the highest capital city, the widest waterfall range, and the highest waterfall in the world… Plus, PATAGONIA!

6. This place has more epic natural wonders than anywhere else on the muthafuckin’ planet.


From left: Angel Falls in Venezuela; Atacama Desert in Chile; Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina.

7. You can see the land of the Incas…

8. …partake in what will end up being the funnest photo shoot of your life…

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

9. …kayak the Amazon…

10. …and ski the Andes.

11. Maybe you’ll even see a penguin or two in Patagonia.

12. Basically, you’ll be a black sheep and your stories will be far more original because almost everyone has seen the Eiffel Tower, but how many people have been to Lake Titicaca?

13. You can afford to take taxis almost everywhere, because you’ve got MORE money now, remember?

14. You can learn how to dance — I mean REALLY dance, like BALLROOM dance.

Getty Images

Get your tango on in Argentina, samba in Brazil, merengue in Venezuela, etc.

15. But don’t worry, there are plenty of Euro-style clubs and raves to keep you happy if you prefer…and they stay open just as late.

16. You’ll come back with a slew of new Latin music on your iPod.


Europe listens to the same old techno stuff we do — no fun.

17. You can see American musicians in concert for waaaaaay cheaper.

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18. You can probably also manage to eat out all day, every day, because…yea, you got it: It’s CHEAPER.

And the street food is AMAZING!!!

19. McDonald’s in Chile puts avocado on EVERYTHING.

20. There’s a kosher McDonald’s in Buenos Aires. And the only other one is in Israel, so…

21. And for all you winos, they’ve got vineyards too.

22. The weather is usually warm around Christmastime.

23. You get to experience what a real fútbol match looks like.

24. The coolest hostels are cheaper than anything you could ever find in Europe.

25. Starbucks is also cheaper here than in Europe.

26. Shopping is also cheaper here than in Europe.

27. WAIT! Everything is cheaper here than in Europe!!!

28. Meaning you’ve just made the most financially savvy decision of your entire life… Your parents will be so proud!

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