Woman Goes To Hospital With Stomach Ache And Comes Home With Twins

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When is a stomach ache not just a stomach ache? When it’s actually a pregnancy.

On Thursday, Ankeny, Iowa resident Shelby Magnani visited the doctor after experiencing sharp pains in her side. She was immediately sent to the emergency room.

What she’d thought was just food settling turned out to be a very complicated pair of twins, who were conceived six months prior. 

Magnani’s twin girls, Anna and Ava, were delivered hours later via C-section.

The babies, who had a 50 percent chance of surviving, had been sharing both the same placenta and amniotic sac, a rare and often dangerous condition.

Often, mono-mono twins die as a result of their cords tangling in utero. Hospital staff said that if they’d known Magnani was pregnant, she would have visited the doctor at 24 to 26 weeks to make sure the twins were developing properly.

James Croskey, Magnani’s fiancé, is still feeling the whiplash of sudden and unexpected parenthood:

It’s pretty nuts… it’s still sinking in.

The proud parents call their girls “little miracles,” and are looking forward to taking them home from the neonatal intensive care unit in several weeks. They’re hoping to raise money to pay for the girls’ medical care.

Magnani and Croskey are adjusting to their new lives as parents.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfCLQ2FHB5Y]

Here they are proudly showing off their twin girls, Anna and Ava.


The babies were born at just six months.


These are lucky little girls.


H/T: Daily Mail, Photos courtesy: Facebook

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