Does retiring mean “not working”?
About 65% of Baby Boomers plan to or already are working past age 65.
(Transamerica Retirement Research Center)
If you start an internet business, is that considered “working”?

The New Paradigm
About 40 million people in the USA who are back-half baby boomers — born from 1954 until 1964 — need new solutions to the idea of retiring.
The front half of the baby boom makes up another 37 million people have had an opportunity to capitalize on things like corporate pensions, Social Security and wealth accumulation to fund their retirement.

The back half boomers on the other hand are faced with much lower Social Security payments, less savings or accumulated wealth, and a need to continue “working”. Most will tell you they plan to be working in their retirement to earn income and health benefits!

Retirement Readiness
Checklist for retiring:

– Savings (no – only 10%)
– Strategy or Plan (yes)
– Rely on Social Security (1/3)
– Continue working (60%)
– Back up plan? (nope)

About 10,000 people reach 65 years old every day.

What will they do? Are you one of them?

Take a deep breath… exhale.
Why worry about a traditional retirement?

Retirement Plans
Finding how you want to work as you start retiring is key.

Goodbye tension, Hello pension!

Almost half (47%) are certain they will retire — in the traditional sense of “not working”.

There’s work to be done

Almost 14% say they will be self-employed and another 2% will be working for a different company than the one they have right now.

Business as usual

Another 20% plan to continue working for the same company or employer as they start retiring.

Starting to (Not) Retire?
What kinds of self-employment or different jobs are available to “back-half boomers” like you and me?

Turns out there are 8 proven business models you can use to make money online.

Or you can start your very own eCommerce store and sell tons of stuff online.

And lots of other ways to own your own business and earn income online.


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What Interests You?

Blogging for Profit
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The Road to Retiring

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