So, Wait, Rihanna And Chris Brown ARE Still Together?

by ChristoperP
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1. For a brief moment in time, it seemed like Rihanna and Chris Brown had broken up.

2. Last Friday, LA radio station Power 106 tweeted a snippet from an interview with Brown in which he revealed that he and Rihanna were no longer together.

Power 106 host Big Boy asked Chris Brown, “Are you still with Rihanna?” Chris Brown answered, “Uh, no. That’s the short answer.”

This snippet was supposedly part of a full interview with Brown that was going to be released today.

3. Naturally, this announcement was met with much relief and joy.

Spin called the split an “Easter miracle.”

5. Popdust said that “Big Boy heard our prayers.”

6. About that…ACTUALLY, Big Boy was being incredibly deceptive and tricked all of us. April Fool’s?

7. Breezy appeared on The Today Show this morning to promote his new album, and told Matt Lauer that he and RiRi are, indeed, TOGETHER.

“We’re fine. I think in the actual interview, they tried to depict that…they got it wrong. I think they interviewed me from an old interview that maybe a year prior,” Brown explained.

“So, you’re together as a couple?” Lauer asked. “Yeah, everything is good. We’re fine,” Brown said.

9. Here’s the actual video promo for the interview, in which Big Boy flashes back to a previous interview where Brown did say he wasn’t dating Ri.

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10. But the tweet that the station sent out very clearly states that Brown said – in that very moment – that he wasn’t.

When Fuse asked Power 106 about the legitimacy of the tweet, a rep told the site that “We wouldn’t have tweeted it if it wasn’t true.”

11. But they’ve since backpedaled and deleted the tweet, which was an obvious ploy for attention.

12. Shady, shady business, Power 106.

Way to get our hopes up.

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