Shudder: Filthy Filner will cling to his mayorship, remain skeezy while doing so [pics]

by buyerguru
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This afternoon, the randy, handsy San Diego Mayor finally addressed the public regarding his penchant for perversion. He conceded that his “failure to respect women and the intimidating conduct [he] engaged in at times is inexcusable,” but he’s not ready to throw in the towel just yet:!/clairetrageser/status/360845971128729600

That’s right: Filner’s not going anywhere — at least as far as his mayorship is concerned. He announced that he’ll be entering a two-week “rehab” program to come to terms with his failings and “become a better person.”!/10NewsPhillips/status/360841902981017600

Now, few people are convinced that two weeks of vaca- er, rehab will rid Filner of his fondness for harassing women:!/asmith83/status/360841575917563906!/ravenb/status/360838739309764608

Maybe there’s a chance the therapists can do something about this:!/SonnyBunch/status/360838937301893121

The horror!!/valsocal/status/360846602421809154!/DickTracyOrlndo/status/360843086550679553!/Travesham/status/360842098041303040!/DrewMTips/status/360840779003998209

Ugh. Heaven help us if Filner starts hanging out with this guy.

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