Mom Hears That Someone Has Her Son’s Brand New CoatHis Explanation Is Exactly What America Needs

by buyerguru
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She literally bought it the day before…

Anybody who’s ever parented a 1st grader understands the commodity that is jackets. It’s almost like you can already imaginethe coat in the lost &found as you watch the cashier ring it up. When Amanda went to pick up her son, Adam, she realized he wasn’t wearing his brand new coat. For most parents this usually meant it was in the lost & found (or just plain lost for good)…but that’s not the case for Adam. Here’s her Facebook post with the rest of the story:

“I bought my son Adam a brand new coat yesterday. I knew we had a chance for snow and his coat from last year was showing more than his wrists holy growth spirt! He wore it for the 1st time to school today. When I picked him up after school his sister Jozlynn said ‘that kid is wearing adams coat.’ I said ‘oh they have the same one?’ I missed the child she was talking about and no more was said.

Later I was giving my youngest son a bath and Jozlynn told me again that a boy has Adam’s coat. She continued to say Adam had given it to him. So I asked Adam what coat he gave away and why? He said ‘my friend didn’t have a warm enough coat to go outside today. I had my old coat in my locker that was too small but it fit him so I gave it to him so he could play. Then I told him to keep it cause he had to go outside and ride the bus home and he would have been cold.’

For all the moments and times I question how we are doing raising our kids I will have to look back to this. I am amazed and so proud of this little man. Worried for his friend and wanting to make sure he would be warm. Thinking about it tonight has brought me to tears.

Adam had only gotten his coat that fit the night before and there has been such nice weather it is hard to know what the kids will need outside. There is no shaming here just so happy our little ones are caring for each other!”

As tension rises in our nation, it’s awesome to know that the future of our country is going to be molded by little leaders like Adam. Thank you to all the Amandas out there raising their kids to be awesome servants!



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