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23 Awesome Tips From a Professional Street Photographer

Professional photographer Thomas Leuthard teamed up with COOPH (Cooperative of Photography) to compile 23 awesome street photography tips you can use on your next outing. You can see more from Leuthard on Facebook, Google+, Flickr and Instagram. You can also follow COOPH on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 23 Street Photography Tips with Thomas Leuthard 1. […]

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Community Post: 20 Things That Annoy The Hell Out Of Comic Book Fans

1. When people think The Punisher ever says “snikt”. View this image › It’s just the sound his claws make, duh. 2. When people swap in a Foot Ninja from Battletoads for one of Wolverine’s enemies. View this image › 3. When people don’t realize it was Professor X who said this to […]

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Guy With Only One Arm Pranks Walking Dead Star As Zombie

Nick Santonastasso was born with only one arm and no legs as a result of a rare birth defect. But he doesn’t let that get him down. Instead, he capitalizes on his disability by pranking people as a zombie, and has since become a viral video star! After seeing his viral pranks, the crew of […]

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Conservatives give not seeing ‘Elysium’ two thumbs up!/JohnEkdahl/status/367096813071122432 “Elysium” is currently the No. 1 movie in America, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a hit. The Matt Damon film grossed a marginally OK $30 million in its first weekend, but it has a long way to go to earn back its estimated $115 million production budget and please the capitalist masters […]

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Chance the Rapper Made an INSANELY Generous Donation To Chicago Public Schools

Fans of Chicago’s Chance the Rapper know he’s much more than a gifted hip-hop star. via: Buzzfeed The young rapper has shown early on in his career that he’s dedicated to helping people everywhere, but most of all in his hometown of Chicago, which has public schools in danger from a lack of funding. After […]

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Community Post: Movies That Rule: This Is The End

Movies That Rule: This Is The End View this image › Via Where would you want to be when the world ends? Preferably you’d want to be in your own home. You know, where all the quickest exits are, and all the supplies are ready at your fingertips. Then there’s also the question of, […]

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A distracted driving PSA that hits hard: It’s more than just not texting behind the wheel.

We hear it over and over: Our phones are a deadly distraction in the car. It’s easy to dismiss the message because it’s pretty much on repeat. But here’s the thing: A phone is a deadly distraction. And even those of us who have made a commitment never to text while driving might still be […]

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Paddleboarder Rescues Shih Tzu Stranded on Rocks (Video)

Charlie Head with Bam Bam the Shih Tzu. Photo: Facebook/Ocean Sup Paddleboarder Charlie Head rescued a Shih Tzu dog named Bam-Bam stranded on a rock near Herne Bay in Kent, England. The 33-year-old was paddleboarding from Cornwall to London on Monday to train for a 3,000 mile cross-Atlantic trip when he spotted the shivering puppy. […]

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These Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes Will Scare You WAY More Than Modern Ones

I don’t know what it is about these old vintage Halloween costumes, but they’re scary enough to give me nightmares for years to come. via: The Chive Maybe it’s the grainy photos. Or maybe it’s because recent horror movies have used these blank, bleak costumes to scare us. Or maybe it’s because the people in […]

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Woman Goes To Hospital With Stomach Ache And Comes Home With Twins

When is a stomach ache not just a stomach ache? When it’s actually a pregnancy. On Thursday, Ankeny, Iowa resident Shelby Magnani visited the doctor after experiencing sharp pains in her side. She was immediately sent to the emergency room. What she’d thought was just food settling turned out to be a very complicated pair […]

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