Jamelia Slams Piers Morgan Over “Offensive” Column On Beyoncé

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Beyonc dropping an album was never going to be a quiet event, but the fever that has accompanied ‘Lemonade has been quite something.

There’s all that Jay-Z stuff. Which if you haven’t heard about then congratulations on your mini break from the internet, it can’t have been easy.

And now there’s Piers Morgan.

Piers wrote a column for The Daily Mail, and the general gist of it was that he doesn’t like the political angle thatBeyonc is taking on the record. Poor Piers.

The visual album features appearances from bothLesley McSpadden and Sybrina Fulton whose sons Mike Brown and Trayvon were shot dead in 2014 and 2012. Piers said:

“I felt very uneasy watching these women being used in this way to sell an album. It smacks of shameless exploitation.”

Piers goes on to reminisce about when he interviewedBeyonc a few years ago. Saying things such as:

“Then, she was at pains to be seen as an entertainer and musician and not as a black woman who sings.Now, it seems to be the complete opposite.”

He concludes by saying that he preferred the oldBeyonc, “the one who didnt use grieving mothers to shift records and further fill her already massively enriched purse.The one who didnt play the race card so deliberately and to my mind, unnecessarily.The one who wanted to be judged on her stupendous talent not her skin color, and wanted us all to do the same.”

Let’s just say it wasn’t the most popular thing to hit the web this week.

Jamelia was one of those that read his column, and she decided to write a response of her own via her website.Here’s what she had to say.


I absolutely understand why you didnt get the Beyonc album, *newsflash honey*it wasnt made for youand im going to need you to be cool with that.

Now, I found quite a few of the comments in your piece to be highly inflammatory & agitating. As a black woman, i am deeply offended by your lack of due care when writing this article, but i would like to take this opportunity to help you out, and assist you in making the whole Lemonade thing a little less bitter for you.

You are a middle aged, British white man, you have no idea, i repeat, NO. IDEA. What it is like to be a Black Woman, and furthermore, the sacrificial, struggle-filled, tounge-biting, mask-wearing fight it is to become a successful one.

Let me break this down for you; Beyoncs album is not an attack on anyone, it is a celebration of the strength, endurance and potential within black woman-hood. The fact that you are mad/uncomfortable/agitated about it, is evidence enough of how blind you are to the realities of being one.

Beyonce isnt the only one being unapologetically loud & proud of her blackness, there are many of us (go and type #BlackGirlMagic into instagram/twitter/google), but you didnt see us or notice the wave. That is why Beyonc had to do this. On social media, we are celebrating ourselves, in all our glorious forms. We are sporting our what did you call it? Panther-style Afros (Babe, weve had these afros growing out of our heads since the beginning of time) not as political statements, but as celebratory beacons for ourselves, and forthcoming generations.

Beyonc is a mother now, she wasnt one when you had your little tea party 5 years ago, becoming a mother of a black child changes things. You can be privileged, but along with your own, you begin to become concerned for all the other little black children too. You start to think, i dont like what i have had to go through, and i dont want my child to face the struggles i have, i want to change things. Seldom are black women in a position to make statements that reverberate around the world and penetrate the peripheral vision of your Piers Morgans. Beyonc did that. You wrote about it. Now youre trending, and celebrating that fact LOL.

Whether or not you feel the involvement of the grieving mothers to be in poor taste, is irrelevant. The brutality & racism being faced by black people daily is what IS relevantand Beyonc has you talking about it, id say its a job well done.

Maybe its because im a black woman. A Black woman who cried tears when i read about Trayvon Martin or upon seeing those awful videos of Eric Garner & Sandra Bland, and then again each time their murderers got away without so much as a slap on the wrist. I get how a privileged middle aged white man from Surrey doesnt feel that pain, but when I saw Trayvon Martins picture I saw my nephew, When I saw Eric Garner, I saw my uncle. When i saw Sandra Bland, I saw my auntie. I get, why you dont get it.

The New Beyonc wants to be seen as a black woman

This line made me laugh out loud! Beyonc has always been black, she just did what millions of black people feel the need to do to gain success, she made her black palatable to you, which is why youre such a big fan! Same thing Oprah did, and the Obamas. This is what black people do, along with working twice as hard to get half as much, we dilute ourselves and our culture, so you accept us. I guess some of us have had enough. Being black is not an affliction. No race should be seen as such. Celebrating our heritage should not be seen as a threat. We just want what you have, fairness and equal potential, and if you dont give it to uswell fight to get it for our children.

Oh, and on the subject of The Race Card, there would be no possibility of it being played if we didnt have it in our hand.

I dont blame you Piers, not at all. Im sure its lovely being you. But the lemons we have been handed, are those of the Black female, and we refuse to see them as less than, we will use them to make the most wonderful, Lemonade.”

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