It’s Official: Lady Gaga’s New Song Featuring R. Kelly Is The Best Thing

by buyerguru
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1. When Lady Gaga unveiled the cover art for “Do What U Want” a few days ago, we knew we were in store for something EPIC.

2. Luckily for us, the song is just as hot as the cover.

3. It’s a kiss-off song to the haters, and has a throwback quality that’s less like the Bowie-inspired Gaga we’ve come to know and a bit more like Tina Turner.

Yes, Tina Turner. She sounds sultry, confident, and assured (those growls!), and of course Kells delivers too. It’s also maybe the most radio-friendly song she’s done; and a long way from the sounds of “Applause” or older Gaga fare like “Judas,” that’s for sure.

“You can’t have my heart / and you won’t use my mind but / do what you want with my body,” Gaga sings. The lyrics are probably going to cause a bit of a stir as they’re obviously provocative, but there’s no denying the song itself sounds like a total hit.

5. I mean, it does feature R. Kelly, the man who — love him or hate him — has given us one of the world’s greatest songs.

6. All we can say is, yaaaas Gaga, yaaas!

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