Gov. Chris Christie signs New Jersey tan ban into law

by buyerguru
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Three years after a dermatologist staged an ultimately futile “tanning intervention” with the cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” pasty white Gov. Chris Christie has signed a law barring minors under 17 from using tanning beds. The legislation also bans children under 14 from getting a spray tan, according to the Associated Press. Is Christie taking a necessary step to keep kids healthy, or is he playing catch-up with New York Gov. Cuomo, who signed similar legislation last year?

@ap What do the guidos & guidettes think?

— Will Bildsten (@willbildsten) April 2, 2013

A quick scan of Twitter shows most aren’t in favor.

Young Guidettes bout to march on Trenton.RT @ap: NJ Gov. Christie signs legislation banning tanning bed use by minors,

— Feelz. (@IAmKafele) April 2, 2013

Chris Christie is lucky I’m 17 bc I would’ve bugged if I couldn’t tan anymore from being too young #scumbag

— Courtt Raub (@courtneyraub) April 2, 2013

Chris Christie just signed a tanning bed ban for anyone under the age of 17 in Jersey… SO many unhappy girls right now.

— Sydney Fiorentino (@sydney_fio) April 2, 2013

This tanning law better be a joke.

— Alexa✨ (@AlexaisPanetti) April 2, 2013

if they really banned tanning I’m gonna freak tf out. HOW BOUT NO CHRISTIE. this better be an #AprilFools joke.

— Skinny Girl (@_theskinnygirl) April 2, 2013

It’s pathetic that New Jersey has to make a law for tanning…like…what?

— Taylor Brandon (@TaylorBrooke912) April 2, 2013

If chris christie is really banning tanning for anyone under 17 he owes me 30 bucks #idontthinkso

— Corrine Parisi (@RinnyThePoooh) April 2, 2013

i swear to god if governor christie tightens the laws on tanning .. this girl will be pissed 😡

— tayler kernevich (@taylerxlynn) April 2, 2013

BREAKING: Christie bans spray tanning for people under 14. Girls seen rolling in Doritios as substitute.

— johnnyb(@_JohnnyB10) April 2, 2013

Good thing Jersey Shore dregs 15 mins are up, or we’d see mass suicides.

— Tony Bruno (@TonyBrunoShow) April 2, 2013

Wow, can’t believe Gov. Chris Christie (R-#NJ) signed that tanning bill. Why can’t people in NJ be allowed to make their own decisions?

— Matt Soleyn (@MattSoleyn) April 2, 2013

I understand where Christie is coming from with the tanning how it’s bad & stuff, but that’s not our priority right now.. WHAT ABOUT TAXES?

— micaela (@micaelaceras0o) April 2, 2013

How soon until we see “Keep New Jersey Orange” bumper stickers?

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