Girl Uses Dad’s Credit Card To Buy Christmas Gifts Before Dying Of Cancer

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Lily-Mae McKinstry is gone, but she’s still sending Christmas gifts to her family.

The 10-year-old, who died of brain cancer on November 7, seems to have spent her final weeks sneaking her father’s credit card and ordering surprise gifts for the whole family.

Lily’s parents describe her as thoughtful and organized. She left behind a stack of handwritten “thank you” notes to her loved ones as well as an unofficial will indicating her clothes be given to poor children.

The little girl had been adventurous and active until last May, when she began suffering from weakening muscles which turned out to be a rare type of brain tumor called a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma.

Lily endured six weeks of radiation therapy, but the tumor only came back with a vengeance this past fall.

The McKinstrys, who live in Chelmsford, Essex, see the unexpected presents as a sign their daughter’s thinking of them. So far, she’s sent colored bandanas, a Build-A-Bear and a chicken costume for her brother.

Vicki, Lily’s mother, told the Daily Mail,

Every few days we are receiving packages in the post…it’s really emotional when we open them but it’s also so comforting.

Lily was so thoughtful and organised, I know how happy this would’ve made her.

As Christmas nears, the McKinstrys hope to gain some degree of closure by completing Lily’s bucket list.


She’d already gotten to meet One Direction and singer Olly Murs, but there were many tasks left uncompleted.


Lily hoped to ride in a horse and carriage before her death.


Because her health failed so quickly, the McKinstrys hired one to transport Lily’s casket from the funeral to her gravesite.


Vicki said, “Lily fought so hard but in the end she couldn’t stop [the cancer] from claiming her life.”


“She achieved so much though in such a short time and we are all so proud of her.”


In the new year, the family plans to visit a chocolate factory, see the play “Matilda,” and take a hot air balloon ride in her honor.


Some of Lily’s requests, however, are a bit more challenging.


She asked for disabled access to the London Underground and even world peace. London Mayor Boris Johnson wrote her a reply.


The little girl, wiser than her years, will be missed.


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