Generous tipper doesn’t know basic arithmetic and admits it

by buyerguru
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Who else is going to start tipping their servers like this…

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  • mary
    February 27, 2017

    I rarely leave tips, when I do. I stick with 10% as my max. Sometimes I round,. if I spent $40 I’ll leave a $5 instead of 4 one’s.

  • Tristan
    March 2, 2017

    Apparently they can’t grammar either… See what I did there lol.

  • March 3, 2017

    James, first of all, total suck on the getting your identity stolen, hope you get a handle on that! I dread the day that might happen!As far as the names showing up on the receipt, those are only the people who actually work there, and are tracked from their system (but not the card owners information) The only relevant information shared there is the last 4 digits of the card #Even the Approval Code and the Merchant ID isn’t much to be concerned about. I mean sure, I can call up the authorizer of the card, and reference the transaction claiming to be the restaurant/etc, but even going to those lengths it’s not going to produce a whole lot of value as far as revealing or releasing any PII as far as the end consumer goes.

  • J Ro
    March 3, 2017

    Really J? Maybe it’s a joke….

  • Annie
    March 6, 2017

    Yes, it’s 2013, but 20% of a meal’s cost is still 20% mathematically. The meals have doubled in price, so the tip follows that it would double. No matter what decade.

  • B
    March 7, 2017

    When you really think about it, Eddie, doesn’t it kind of tick you off that restaurants have us trained to pay their employees for them? They know that it’s not socially acceptable to not tip, so they win out. They pay their employees crap, and we foot the rest of it. I think it’s ridiculous. Why can’t they pay their employees fairly?

  • Ann
    March 9, 2017

    20% is standard. I don’t work. Haven’t in years. No desire to. 20% is standard tip. MAYBE 15% as a bare minimum.

  • Cj
    March 11, 2017

    The tip is less than 5%. Just sayin’

  • Mike
    March 13, 2017

    Shelly said it. This is america

  • Shelly
    March 14, 2017

    I tip entirely based on service. I don’t factor in percentages. If I have horrible service, I’ll literally leave a penny. I once left a $25 tip at a Denny’s for a cup of coffee and a plate of fries because the server was amazing

  • Cj
    March 14, 2017

    I thought it was rounded to 40.00 for some reason, my bad.

  • Anna
    March 14, 2017

    very classy? 20% min… it’s 2013 not 1990s… I gave a waitress tonight – that was not that great – 15% and I’m usually a good tipper. If this guy was really classy he would be dining at nice places where 20-25% is the typical min.

  • Andrew
    March 14, 2017

    Being a waiter is not rocket science. It requires MINIMAL skill levels. Basically you have to be clean, nice, and multi-task between serving tables. Compensation should be low in comparison with other more technical jobs. Go ahead and make the menu more expensive. That way I don’t have to do your job of paying your employees based on their performance.

  • Andrew
    March 15, 2017

    While tipping around the world is pretty standard, in no other country are people expected to pay an extra 15-25% of their bill to the servers. Most every country in the world tips about 10%. If you want me to pay your employees extra money for them to do their job, why not just pay them more yourself, and charge me for it via the menu prices? The American food service industry has been spoiled. the record I usually tip 20% and round up to the nearest dollar.)

  • Sam
    March 15, 2017

    She isn’t underpaying for anything…. She paid for the luxury in the mark up price of the food she bought. I can feed my family of 4 at home burgers, fries and a pop for $15 +/-, try doing that at applebees. Why does it cost more? Because we’re paying for the luxury of having someone else make it for us!!!

  • zachl
    March 15, 2017

    yeah if the economy is so bad maybe they shouldn’t be eating out, but then again, they are eating at applebees