Everything You Need To Know About The England Vs. Italy Match

by buyerguru
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Yes, we lost. But still.

1. Everybody was very excited for the England vs. Italy match.

Tim Glanfield™ @timglanfield

BBC pay dividend to English licence fee payers by awarding us a free goal! #EnglandvsItaly

8. In their defence, it really did look in.


9. There was a horrifying possibility that England might do well.

Tom Phillips @flashboy

Oh god. HOPE. The worst thing. Disaster. #ENG

10. Luckily the pundits were there to save us from excitement. Phil Neville in particular.

Römesh Ranganathan @RomeshRanga

Phil Neville's voice helping to counteract any adrenaline.

George Magnus @georgemagnus1

Phil Neville sounds like he's talking to his therapist

Toby Fair @TopTopPundit

Phil Neville sounds like he's spent the day listening to Joy Division records with Mark Lawrenson.

Simon Blackwell @simonblackwell

Phil Neville sounds like a Dignitas satnav.

14. But still, England were looking good.

Timothy Powell @TCP1980

The Brazilian climate's done wonders for Rooney's hair #OppositeOfABrazillian #ComeOnEngland

Sean Taylor @SeanTayTay

Rooney's hair implants have grown in nicely.

Jeff @jeffito

Wayne Rooney's hair is looking fantastic in its World Cup debut.

17. Then Italy scored. Obviously.

Then Italy scored. Obviously.

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18. And everybody was like this:

Back Page Football @bpfootball

Wonder what was going through Gary Lewin's mind?

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Römesh Ranganathan @RomeshRanga

Rumours that Gary Lewin faked injury as he could hear Phil Neville from where he was stood.

30. Everything was evenly balanced.


31. Although some players tried to fool the referee into thinking they’d scored by pretending to be a football.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/tomphillips/poor-gary-lewin

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