Aide says Obama is ‘madder than hell’ about Veterans Affairs scandal

by buyerguru
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According to an aide, President Obama is “madder than hell” about the ongoing scandal surrounding the office of Veterans Affairs.!/RalphSchiano/status/468050242626408448!/aselepak/status/468076156366106624

The phraseology coming from the White House these days sure is original.!/ConsWahoo/status/468063531079053312!/trichards189/status/468048483564670978!/kkinkel435/status/468048173089701888!/Leadership_One/status/468075038198206464!/Seattle_D/status/468065091091304449!/DavidBCohen1/status/468060661721731072


That’s another point. If he’s so mad, why is his aide telling everyone about it?

"madder than hell" or "scared shitless"?
MT @PeopRepAlex Aide: @BarackObama "madder than hell" about #VA scandal
#tcot #TEAParty #StopRush— Serr8d (@serr8d) May 18, 2014



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