A touching story about George Carlin acting in Kevin Smith’s “Dogma”

by buyerguru
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Kevin Smith posted this pic and story on Facebook yesterday…

This is George Carlin as Cardinal Glick during the DOGMA shoot in Pittsburgh, circa 1998.

The first time I met George Carlin was May of 1997 at the Conan O’Brien show, back when they used to shoot it in New York City…. He’d always been a hero and a role model to me, so I brought a DOGMA script along in hopes of asking Curious George to play Cardinal Glick – the marketing maven behind the Buddy Christ.

But shortly before the show, Brenda – George’s wife of 36 years – lost her battle with liver cancer. Ever the professional, George kept his Conan booking, but you could tell he was heartbroken. I didn’t bug him with DOGMA that night.

I’d meet the master again a month later at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles. He’d already read DOGMA and we were grabbing lunch to talk about whether or not he wanted to be in it. He said he was into it but had one request.

George asked if Cardinal Glick could have a bandage on his finger, which would hide George Carlin’s wedding band. Because, he said, he wasn’t ready to take it off just yet.

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  • Kimberly
    April 5, 2017

    Just one more reason this man was such an amazing influence on so many.