A Couple Spent 24 Hours Handcuffed Together And It Was Intense

by buyerguru
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Ever looked longingly at your partner and thought, “I love you so much, I wish I could just lock myself to you so you can never, ever leave me?”

No ? Good, because that means you’re probably in a sane, healthy relationship. But if you were given the chance to get handcuffed to your bf/gf for 24 hours, would you give it a shot, just to see if you could handle it?

One couple Ned and Ariel decided to give it a whirl, and nearly drove each other mad in the process. At first they found it kind of cute, but then night time came and turns out handcuffs aren’t as fun in the bedroom when you’re actually just trying to sleep.

In fact the pair – Ned in particular – are pretty dramatic about the whole situation, with Ned even storming out at one point over the “joint washing up” and demanding Ariel unchains him so he can have a poo…

Has this inspired you to get literally chain yourself to your ball and chain? Let us know in the comments.

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