13 Kids Who Live Tweeted Their Parents Divorce

by Ann
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Authors note: I am a child of divorce.

1. Is your mom screaming “who the fuck is Sharon?” at your father? If so, then yes, your parents are getting a divorce. Welcome to the club, Tyler.

Tyler Ray Freeman @why_tylerrayy

Sounds like my parents are getting a divorce.

2. My parents got divorced in 2001. So it was a lot of Creed on my walkman. Try that.

𠈪mina• @mvnaa_

what kind of music do you listen to when you've just been told your parents are getting a divorce

3. Think about this Justeene, TWO CHRISTMASES!!!

justeene williams @JusteeneW

Parents are getting a divorce;( idk what to think of it

4. You saw your Dad sleeping on the couch and finally connected A to B? Sorry Rose, 50% of your friends are here for you.

Rose @DamnRoss

So that was the bad feeling I was getting.. My parents are getting a divorce.

5. Again?


my parents are talking about getting a divorce AGAIN but dont actually have the balls to do it. You either do it or dont. im sleep

6. …..but you got cake, so that day couldn’t have been completely horrible.

shay  @Shalynxfriesen

Getting told my parents are getting a divorce on the start of my birthday was awesome honestly

7. Jay makes a point. A lot of parents bribe the kids in a divorce with gifts to take their side. That’s how I got my Playstation 2.

Jay @marblehornetsJ

my parents are getting a divorce *shakes maracas and shoots confetti canons*

8. Queen, if you’re happy, I’m happy.

Queen Rodriguez ❤️ @tinaaotrinaa

parents are getting a divorce so I should be happy

9. But are you, Wannabe Cali Girl? Are you?

Wannabe Cali Girl @WannabeCaliGirl

#KnowYourAnon My parents are getting a divorce but it's all good because both of them are happy. It's mutual.

10. No, listen to your mother. Her work friend Kevin is just a friend.

HANA @HyfrJaureguii

So my parents are getting a divorce and I'm 88% sure my mom is going to get married right after cause she has someone in mind I feel it

11. In a divorce kids do become relevant. The parent who wins custody basically wins the divorce.

myshell @__michellerose

my parents are currently getting a divorce am i relevant yet?

12. Wait until your parents start seeing other people and get back to me.

maddi @maddimooore

my phone got shut off, my parents are getting a divorce, and I have to move houses ya know what I'm still gonna smile. It will get better.

13. Yes you should Rob, and for that, I thank you.

Rob Dyrdek @UhimjenHEY

My parents are getting a divorce and my first thought was “I should tweet this”

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