10 Breathtaking Images Of A Rare Fog Rolling Over The Grand Canyon

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1. On Friday, the Grand Canyon National Park shared incredible images of Mather Point on their Facebook page. Due to a weather phenomenon, the canyon was overcome with fog.

NPS Photo by Erin Whittaker

2. “Here’s what Mather Point looked like this morning with the rare inversion. Rangers wait for years to see it,” the site read.

3. Ranger Erin Whittaker told MailOnline that temperature inversions happen on average once or twice a year, but rarely produce such a beautiful full inversion.

4. Cloud waterfalls like this only happen once every decade.

5. The Grand Canyon’s Facebook page joked, “This is much better than Black Friday.”

6. Yesterday’s inversion happened on a clear sunny day, and enveloped the entire canyon, which is highly unusual according to Ranger Whittaker.

7. Whittaker said that some tourists visiting the canyon over the holiday weekend were disappointed they couldn’t see the Colorado River, and thought the fog was just a normal weather pattern.

8. But the rangers explained just how lucky they were to see the canyon in “a perfect inversion.”

9. “Word spread like wildfire and most ran to the rim to photograph it. What a fantastic treat for all!” said Whittaker.

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